Email Marketing

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Email marketing is the cornerstone of digital marketing

Capturing contact info for additional marketing and “lead nurturing” is one of the best ways to sell, upsell and resell your products and services to new leads and your existing customers

Email still remains one of the highest converting channels for interacting with new prospects. Ever heard the saying "The Fortune is in the follow-up?"

Did you know that it can take a new lead 7-10 interactions with your business online before they decide to make a purchase, or come in store?

So how do you start the lead nurturing process?

Email marketing funnels begin with a “lead magnet”. This is something compelling you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email address.

Possible options include a free digital download, a free service trial, a “seat” at a webinar, site membership, a coupon, etc

Something of value that positions yourself as an authority and generally solves a big issue your audience is currently struggling with.

Once a new lead subscribes to your email list, you’ll have the opportunity to display even more authority and credibility by providing valuable content to them via email.

Want to work out the best email marketing strategy for your business?

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